“. . . a valuable read for anyone who questions the pronatalism and misogyny that constrains reproductive decision-making in the United States and seeks to shift our public debate in a more just direction.”

Library Journal, Starred Review

book study

Trust Women is a valuable resource for helping groups and communities talk through who they help and feel about abortion and reproductive health, rights, and justice through a Christian lens.

If you are interested in leading a book group, a Sunday school class, or a women’s group discussion about the book or the topic, these resources might help you.

Rebecca Todd

“Shifting the moral conversation from abortion to reproductive justice acknowledges the moral weight of the decision either to end a pregnancy or to continue one. It requires that a new public conversation about pregnancy, abortion, and women’s reproductive healthcare be rooted in trusting women as capable moral agents. It creates a space for meaningful ethical discernment and, in doing so, opens up the possibility of recognizing that abortion can be a moral good.”

Rebecca Todd Peters, Trust Women (p. 10)

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