“A courageous, personal book. . . This theologically astute and social justice–minded book will appeal to progressive Christians who are interested in reclaiming abortion as an issue of women’s health and could easily become part of the required reading for an array of university courses.”
Publishers Weekly, Starred Review





“This book is the best treatment of the complex debate on globalization by a religious ethicist now available. It is indispensable for those who care about public life here and the good life for all.”
Cornel West, Professor of Religion, Princeton University



solidarity ethics cover


Solidarity Ethics is a model of Christian feminist social ethics—relational, outward-reaching, global, justice-oriented, and spiritually illuminating.”
—Gary Dorrien, Union Theological Seminary




JIGE cover
“This is a deeply moral book that applies prophetic justice principles to the challenges of living in an age of economic globalization.  The authors help us to face modern problems with hope and a plan of action. Progressive individuals will not feel so alone after reading this book, but rather energized.  For concerned civic organizations and church groups, it is essential reading.”
—The Rev. Dr. James. A. Forbes, Jr., retired Senior Minister, The Riverside Church, New York



to do justice cover
“Gathered here is the informed passion of progressive Christians who connect faith to public issues in a compelling way. The book comes at just the right moment in a presidential year. One can hope it will fall into the hands of public leaders, as the book offers a rich, full education on the issues. For the rest of us, the book is an urgent summons to concrete public action, the kind informed by serious biblical faith.” —Walter Brueggemann, retired Columbia Theological Seminary