The Unitarian Universalists have always been leaders in issue of women’s reproductive health, rights, and justice. Here is a link to their denominational homepage where you can see how they are currently standing up as advocates for reproductive justice.

Here are a list of all the denominational resolutions that have addressed issues of reproductive health, rights, and justice. The hyperlinks will take you to the UU’s website to read each resolution, or click here to see all of them together.

1963 General Resolution – Reform of Abortion Statutes

1968 General Resolution – Abortion

1973 General Resolution  – Abortion

1975 General Resolution – For the Right to Abortion

1977 General Resolution – Abortion

1978 General Resolution – Abortion: Right to Choose

1980 General Resolution – A Religious Statement on Abortion: A Call to Commitment

1985 Business Resolution – Resolution on Abortion Clinic Bombings

1987 General Resolution – Right to Choose

1990 General Resolution – Choices Affecting Population

1991 Resolution of Immediate Witness – Rights of Privacy and Free Speech

1993 General Resolution – Federal Legislation for Choice

1994 Resolution of Immediate Witness – Sexuality Education in Public Schools

2015 Statement of Conscience – Reproductive Justice