doing justice, loving kindness, walking humbly with god

NOVEMBER 15, 2013 - Toddie Peters portrait. (photo by Kim Walker)

Like all of us, my life is shaped and formed by the many different roles I carry in my life – teacher, preacher, scholar, wife, mother, friend, professor, colleague, daughter, sister, among others. Though people may see me through many different lens as they approach me in these various roles, there is only one me inside. Whether I am acting in my role as mother, teacher, preacher or friend – to my core, to my bone, in my heart of hearts, my life and my work is about doing justice, loving kindness, and seeking to walk humbly with my god.

This blog is my invitation to any who are interested, to join me as I seek to discern with you and others, how it is we can live with integrity and faithfulness in the places where we find ourselves.

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